Rendered! Waiting on sound.

Oh man... I had a massive amount of freelance come my way that I couldn't pass up. Living in AZ doesn't often offer the most entertaining gigs, but this one was fun and I will be posting it as soon as the NDA is released! 

As for this animation, I'm pretty happy with it. I ran into some issues with thte motion blur that I'll update as soon as I figure out how to fix it. But that'll be after I add some audio to it, which I belive is one of the most important parts to animation and film. You can spend months on a single animation, make it perfect, and completely destroy it with bad or no audio.


Almost There!

   Hot Damn! Finished all the timing and in between key frames. Now just adding some follow through and secondary animations (Ears, Fingers) but I still have the face left, and the "object" he picks up to sniff. Lost track of my work time a little, but I believe I'm around the 12 hour mark. So I'm feeling pretty good, although I'm not even close to where I want it to be. Creating the illusion of life is by far one of the hardest things I've ever done. 

Fun Fact: According to Pixar, GREAT animation takes a week for about 3 seconds.

   Which is a pretty good indicator that I haven't spent NEARLY enough time on this. As with everything in life, knowledge comes from experience, I've stared at this video for HOURS trying to see what I can fix. I know its not even close to perfect, but I can't put my finger on what I can add to make the movements more believable.

   I can't use the excuse that this creature never has, and never will exist in nature. It doesn't matter. In the right hands, anything can be become real, even if its only for a second. If you can make someone forget that its only a series of drawings, or a massive arrangement of 1's and 0's, then I believe you've done something really special.



One Step Closer


Diving Back Into Animation!

 Hey Guys,

   I originally went to school for animation, and quickly got lost in the amazing world of 3D. I've also been cursed with artistic ADD, which means I felt I needed to learn every aspect of the program. Unfortunately I have been turned down from many jobs for being a 3D generalist and not specializing in one area. Lame part is I still can't decide, so I'm taking another crack at my first love, animation! Here are the basic keyframes I did to test out the Eaters rig done by my good buddy Matt Murray.


Production Blog Open!!!

Hello All,

   This is something I should have started years ago, a production blog showing my process, tips/tricks, and the ranting’s of an angry German artist! Please don't hesitate if you guys have any questions, the sole purpose of this blog is to help artist of any level get more insight into the making of games and animation. I will also document the hurdles of being a freelance artist and the struggles I face while trying to break into the industry in the most honest way possible. I hope you guys enjoy the blog and that your able to take something away from it.